Friends, we keep updating you on the latest project news in the new Salsa Valley Digest #3

Who missed the previous news, read our digests #1 and #2

The end of September and the whole month of October was very eventful.

In September we had a big Salsa Valley Meme Contest on Twitter, dedicated to the #MexicanIndependenceDay on 09/16.
More than 30 meme-fans and creators participated in the…

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Vision of Salsa Valley Game

This NFT game will simulate the behaviour of cryptomarket participants for educational and fun purposes. It will also provide a new way and virtual place of interaction between creators of real blockchain projects, users, investors and players.

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Description of Salsa Valley Game

Salsa Valley Game — is an NFT…

This contest is dedicated to the Mexico’s Independence Day on 16.09. And it will run for a week.
🏆 On September 19th we will announce the winners.

Prize fund consists of 3 Salsa Valley NFTs worth 7 BNB:
🥇 — the tweet with the created meme that gets the most number…

Friends, we keep updating you on the latest project news in the new Salsa Valley Digest #2

The end of July and the whole month of August was very eventful.

Just reminding you that we’ve listed our Salsa Token on PancakeSwap, and the liquidity there was blocked. Now more than…

Firstly, the $SALSA token is an internal coin that will be used in the Salsa Valley ecosystem.

Salsa valley is:
animated meme-series (cartoon about cryptoworld)
- news blog
- board game
- computer NFT game
- NFT collection
- Partnerships with charities and Mexican food restaurants
- Partnerships with sauce makers to produce under our international…

We’re launching the big promotion with Mexican restaurants:
Salsa Valley will be partnering with Mexican food restaurants to launch a big charity fan art NFT collection on Binance Smart Chain’s NFT Marketplace.

We’ll be doing a big promotion of this digital art.
The partner restaurants will be mentioned in the cartoon, blog and international media resources.

Restaurants, in turn, will be able to promote this NFT collection both to their regular customers and on social media.

Restaurant visitors and thousands of cryptoenthusiasts…

Salsa Valley

It’s a unique place in Mexico, but in a parallel #meme-Universe with its own Salsa Token for crypto-& meme-fans, #NFTcollectors & gamers. GET FUN & BE PEPPER!

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