🌶Salsa Valley🌶 announces “Meet CRYPTO SUMMER” meetup tour in the USA🇺🇸

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3 min readJun 30, 2022


Once we predicted that Elon Musk would buy Twitter (if you didn't know that — watch 👉 the episode of the"Salsa Valley Stories")

— What if we have more such predictions?😉
¡Adiós Crypto Winter! ¡Hola Crypto Summer!

It's best to discuss this not just online, but face-to-face with like minded people, millionaires, geniuses, philanthropists and those thanks to whom your projects go #ToTheMoon🚀. Although, usually you don't even know what these people look like, but whom you can find out in the very near future.

Here we go! 🌶Salsa Valley🌶 announces “Meet CRYPTO SUMMER” meetup tour in the USA🇺🇸!

From July 1st to September 30th, Salsa Valley team will hold a series of very exciting Meetups!

Everyone you need will be there: crypto-enthusiasts, NFT-collectors, talented artists, blockchain, Metaverses and Web3 devs, and many other surprising special guests. Perhaps, the ambassadors of big projects, cryptoangels and investors. Interesting, isn’t it?

The tours used to be run by rock stars, but now it’s a life of the ordinary crypto-enthusiasts paving the way to a new, virtual reality to make it easier for everybody else to enter there by rocket, car or even surf😉

The events will be held in several U.S. cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and Miami. (if your city is not in the list and you have a cryptocommunity there, please contact us and let’s make it happen!)

The Salsa Valley team will choose the best themed venues, gather the coolest people and make great programs that will help you have an awesome time.
Our events will have everything you need to make the bargain of the century and find your future allies in an informal atmosphere.

✅ July 01 San Francisco in Atlas Cafe
✅ July 15 Los Angeles at Ethos Society Koreatown
✅ July 29–31 Los Angeles at NFT Expoverse
✅ March 30 American Metaverse Summit & Awards in Miami
✅ March 30-April 2 Miami NFT Week

Why do you have to visit crypto-meetups at all?

Because the people are the most important resource. People engage with you to enrich your innovative or perhaps even crazy ideas. People finance your projects, drive and support them as they grow. And it is the people who make you a king, a unicorn, a winner🏆…or the loser…🤷🏻

No online communication can replace 20 minutes of face-to-face conversation. IRL is IRL! It’s by communicating in person that you get the most credibility. And it works best on thematic cryptomeetups. That’s exactly what Salsa Valley does!

Maybe this is where you’ll meet your future CZ_binance, who knows?

The whole tour will take place in our favorite Latin style. Some 🔥spicy salsa, some unusual drawings and giveaways, a lot of talk about the Metaverses, cool jokes and memes. Of course, expect some talk about Salsa Valley, because there’s a lot about us you don’t know yet. A lot…!

Usually, at the end of such texts you are persuaded to do something, to go somewhere, but not this time;) We know that those who are used to managing their own lives don’t need to be persuaded. They see the opportunities and take them!

That’s why we just say LFG!!!

P.S. We are grateful to our friends and partners for their support in organizing and holding these events: Atlas Cafe, SF Blockchain Developers, Web3 Bay Area, LGCY Network, Crypto Fridays

Salsa Valley Website: https://salsavalley.com
Salsa Valley Twitter: https://twitter.com/SalsaValley
Salsa Valley Tg Ann: https://t.me/salsavalleyann
Salsa Valley Tg Group: https://t.me/salsavalley
Salsa Valley Discord: https://discord.gg/r9qr6Bf8Rj
Salsa Valley TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@salsavalley
Salsa Valley YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SalsaValleyTV



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