Salsa Valley Digest #2

Salsa Valley
2 min readSep 9, 2021

Friends, we keep updating you on the latest project news in the new Salsa Valley Digest #2

The end of July and the whole month of August was very eventful.

Just reminding you that we’ve listed our Salsa Token on PancakeSwap, and the liquidity there was blocked. Now more than 50 expert Chart Platforms provide information about our project. Coins98 included our project in the TOP prospective projects of NFT & Game on the BSC network, and the official Twitter account of Binance shared this information.

🔹 Salsa Valley and Babylons announced the partnership on August 16th. If you buy Salsa NFT on Babylons now, you will be rewarded with $BABY tokens every week.

🔹 And, in few days, there was a new partnership with Treasureland, which is preparing a lot of pleasant surprises for early Salsa NFT buyers. You can buy Salsa NFT on Treasureland.

🔹 We’ve released a funny Salsa Valley sticker pack for fans of memes, cryptocurrency and Salsa. Use these stickers for fun and support our community on Telegram.

🔹 We announced the start of the development of our NFT Game, which will be released in 2022. All early buyers of Salsa Token und unique Salsa Valley NFT will have a huge advantage and become rich in 2022.

🔹 We participated in the #BSC Most Valuable Builder III Program! We applied & happy to boost Binance Smart Chain ecosystem development!

🔹 Our Vote Token Platform is almost ready and doing the last tests before launching. Having our website will help attract tens of thousands of investors to our project and the price of Salsa Token will grow by tens or hundreds of times in a matter of days. Do not miss the opportunity to buy the token in advance.

Salsa has many X’s ahead, so now is the best time to buy some SALSA tokens to get richer!
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Salsa Valley

Salsa Valley is an entire ecosystem based on the «Salsa Valley Stories» (funny meme cartoon series about cryptoworld).