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5 min readApr 4, 2022


This article contains a basic compilation of news and current information about the project as a whole for August 2022.

About Salsa Valley Project

Official website — it shows all infrastructure, partnerships, media and extensive menu items for each product of the ecosystem.

Salsa Valley is MORE THAN A GAME!
Salsa Valley is a unique place in Mexico, like the Silicon valley, but in parallel meme crypto Metaverse. It's an entire ecosystem based on the «Salsa Valley Stories» (funny meme-cartoon about cryptoworld).

Ecosystem is powered by $SALSA Token and consists of the NFT Metaverse, crypto board game, line of real salsa sauce, partnership with the Latin cuisine restaurants and more.

Salsa Valley unites cryptoenthusiasts and investors, NFT-creators and collectors, blockchain and Web3 devs, fans of spicy salsa sauce, meme fans, 2D/3D animators, gamers.

Here are the important questions/answers (vision, plans, achievements) from one of the AMA sessions

In this 1 minute video you can watch the ecosystem of the project

Project Ecosystem:

🌶 “Salsa Valley Stories” — funny meme cartoon series about cryptoworld
🌶 $SALSA Token — native token that powers the entire ecosystem
🌶 Salsa Valley Metaverse — multichain P2E NFT game with its own economics and mechanics, NFT Real Estate, NFT characters & items. It will simulate the behavior of the cryptomarket participants for educational and fan purposes. It will also provide a new way and place for interaction between creators of real blockchain projects and users, investors and players.
🌶 Board Game “Salsa Valley” — easy entrance to the cryptoworld for beginners, great for cryptopeople and funny strategic addition for the Metaverse. The prototype of a board game has already been tested in the board game clubs in Kiev.
🌶 Salsa Valley news — meme cryptonews portal
🌶 Charity NFT collections — help for animals in Latin countries through cooperation with charitable foundations
🌶 “CoinsCommunity” — token vote platform for meme and gamefi projects
🌶 Private label sauce — a line of sauce production under our own trademark
🌶 Partner Latin restaurants chain — $SALSA Token integration for payments and as a marketing instrument and brand awareness
🌶 Full-length cartoon — production of an animated movie about cryptoworld in cooperation with a well-known animation studio, such as Disney, Pixar, etc for the native Metaverse promotion


  • Partnerships with Mexican and Latin cuisine restaurants
  • Partnerships with private label sauce makers
  • Partnerships with major animation studios (such as Pixar, Disney, etc.) to create a full-length animated movie with worldwide cinema release and native advertising for the Salsa Valley Metaverse game.

Our latest achievements:

✅ We took the 4th place among 64 GameFi projects at the BSC GameFi Hackathon in November

✅ We took the 3rd place in February among 26 Metaverse projects at the Top of Oasis AELF Blockchain Hackathon

✅ We won the 1st place in the NFT contest on the JGN platform

✅ We held our own meet-up event in San Francisco with a press-release published in MarketWatch

✅ We participated in the NFT Expoverse big event in Los Angeles with a press-release in Digital Journal

✅ Several articles we were mentioned and interviewed on (Top-40 Global cryptoexchanges), after meeting and communicating at the cryptoevent:

✅ We are in the TOP promising GameFi projects according to Coin98 analytics

GenX Analitycs included us in the TOP fast-growing projects

✅ Now our project is represented on dozens of expert-reviewed resources such as: BscProject, PlayToEarn, DappRadar etc.

✅ Our official partners are: LGCY Network (L1 blockchain) and NFT marketplaces, such as:

Treasureland (sale of plots and unique characters in Salsa Valley territory)

Watch the video 👉

World Token (Have completed the first 2 rounds of 3 sales of INO offices in the World Tower scyscraper. The third round of sales and auction will take place in May. Expect an update on event dates). Promo video

Watch the video 👉

Babylons (An INO event is planned for May to sell spaces in the Babylons Gallery)

$SALSA Token

✅ SALSA Token is a native token with applications throughout the ecosystem, including as payment in Mexican partner restaurants around the world.
Official $SALSA contract 0xBb5515d1CfcD6F667cA2B2A56872797C889cb048

✅ The token is traded on PancakeSwap

✅ Token is rated 97 out of 99 by DEXTOOLS

✅ Token is verified by BSCSCAN

✅ Liquidity is locked

✅ 76,8% of tokens have been burned so far, and more will be burned.

✅ The smart-contract has been audited by eNebula.

✅ The smart token contract implements an antiwhale system to prevent pumps&dumps, and a commission is embedded in each transaction, which is distributed to holders and also automatically replenishes the pool.

✅ The token has a small capitalization at the moment, so it is very interesting for potential long-term investors.

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Salsa Valley

Salsa Valley is an entire ecosystem based on the «Salsa Valley Stories» (funny meme cartoon series about cryptoworld).