San Francisco cryptoenthusiasts met Crypto Summer☀️🚀 with Salsa Valley!

Salsa Valley
2 min readJul 8, 2022


Our first meetup of “Meet CRYPTO SUMMER” tour is over, and remember what we said about the prediction? That we weren’t waiting for CryptoWinter but for CryptoSummer?

Well, here’s the first fact: after our event, the $SALSA token increased by 40%! And this is on a bear market!

The event was great! There was a salsa market where you could buy different exciting products to enjoy yourself, and also a lot of good and effective communication. There were a lot of people, even an unexpected number! It was full of people. Digital Journal write article about this event in San Francisco. Read 👉 here

But this is understandable, we had chosen a great place. The event was held at Atlas cafe, a favorite venue of San Francisco cryptoenthusiasts, where Solana has held large-scale events twice.

But the most pleasant thing was to get such feedback:

“I had probably one of the most important conversations of my life today, just over a bottle of water surrounded by all things Mexican. And I can say that it was probably the best mix of work and relaxation. It was all very easy.
Thank you Salsa Valley for a quality meeting. The people are just top!

If we make a contract with the one man I met because of Salsa Valley, I’ll buy all the land I can from you. You definitely deserve it!”

The next event will happen very soon, put it in your calendars, you might even meet Elon Musk there😉.

Step by step we grow. Keep an eye on our project while we are still the unknown gem. Then it will be too late, but in the meantime, no FUD.
We are the GEM!

P.S. We are grateful to our friends and partners for their support in organizing and holding these event: Atlas Cafe, SF Blockchain Developers, Web3 Bay Area, Bay Area Crypto, LGCY Network.



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