Why will SALSA token’s value skyrocket?

Firstly, the $SALSA token is an internal coin that will be used in the Salsa Valley ecosystem.

Salsa valley is:
animated meme-series (cartoon about cryptoworld)
- news blog
- board game
- computer NFT game
- NFT collection
- Partnerships with charities and Mexican food restaurants
- Partnerships with sauce makers to produce under our international trademark

Our team is actively negotiating with the TOP cryptoinfluencers, who will soon become our partners and characters in the next episodes of the animated series.

ach partner of the Salsa Valleys project will be interested not only in becoming a Salsa Token Holder, but also in adding liquidity to our token pool.

Thanks to the cartoon, support of top cryptoinvestors, and partnerships with sauce makers, soon the whole world will know about SALSA token and millions of people will want to have Salsa Valley NFT and some SALSA tokens in their collection.

lready this year $SALSA holders will have impressive discounts when they visit Mexican restaurants around the world.

In Autumn 2021 we start to develop a computer NFT game based on the cartoon series, which will actively use Salsa Token.

There will be more and more people in the community and less and less SALSA tokens, and the early investors who believed in the project will become richer!

To become an early investor, you have until the 19th of July to buy our NFT and get $SALSA tokens for the purchase amount at the presale price.
Details here http://t.me/salsatoken_bot

By buying NFT now for 1 BNB you will automatically become an early investor in the Salsa Token and get 27500000000000 $SALSA in your wallet on the day of listing on Pancake on July 20.

On listing day, the $SALSA token value will start 1 BNB = 2700000000000 SALSA tokens and will immediately go the moon🚀

If you are interested in partnership and collaboration check this page https://salsavalley.com/partnership.html

You can watch the first episode of our meme-series "Salsa Valley Stories" here https://youtu.be/kOn5kdQL_1U

It’s a unique place in Mexico, but in a parallel #meme-Universe with its own Salsa Token for crypto-& meme-fans, #NFTcollectors & gamers. GET FUN & BE PEPPER!