World Tower Offices Initial NFT Offering Event in Salsa Valley Metaverse — the last 3rd ROUND whitelist

Salsa Valley is more than a game! It is an NFT and crypto-Mooniverse based on the animated series Salsa Valley Stories, a funny meme-cartoon about the crypto world.
This NFT game will simulate the behavior of the crypto market participants for both educational and entertainment purposes. At the same time, it will also provide a new virtual place of interaction between creators of real blockchain projects, users, investors, and players.

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Each World Tower office is a UNIQUE NFT in the skyscraper in Salsa Valley Metaverse! The number of offices is limited, so be sure to grab them quickly.

This type of estate is an essential NFT asset in the Salsa Valley and can be traded in the World Marketplace. The World Tower will host online exhibitions and conferences about art and blockchain, online celebrity concerts, and business meetings. Every crypto influencer will want to visit World Tower and have an office or a representative office in this extraordinary building!

Round 2:
📌 Starts on January 19 at 13:00 UTC
💎 25 NFT Offices as a Real Estate: 15 spaces per 150$ + 10 bigger offices with 2 sides windows per 250$

Your benefits of owning the NFT World Tower Office

Hold the NFT-office to play and interact with the game infrastructure:
Suppose you are the founder or representative of any project. In that case, you can interact with your community and players inside the game, broadcast the latest news, schedules and company events. Also you can open the portal into your project (especially when we talk about marketplaces, play2earn, gamefi or Metaverses). And get indirect profit from a new effective way of your project or product presentation.

All NFT-offices owners can organize their office as a workspace, art studio, game-space, networking area, or even their own interactive NFT Gallery — the possibilities are endless! It is also possible to earn income from interacting with the infrastructure and boosting your character and estate.

Rent out NFTs:
With the recent rise in popularity of the Metaverse and NFTs, it is no secret that digital scarcity is becoming more and more important today. As an NFT-office owner, you may also rent your office to other people who want to use your space.

Sell the NFT-office:
If you don’t have anything to do with your NFT-office, you can always sell it to other interested parties looking to join in! You may ask who else will need offices to participate in this Metaverse? Crypto influencers, bloggers, creators, artists, collectors, gamers, founders, and representatives of different projects.

With that, our NFT-offices can likely be sold at higher valuations.


The 1st round pool of 25 World Tower NFT offices per 100$ each space was closed with succeed sales. It was held on January 12 from 1:00 pm to 1:00 pm UTC on January 13.

The 2nd round pool of 25 World Tower NFT offices per 150$ and 250$ each one was closed succeed. It was held on January 19 from 1:00 pm to 1:00 pm UTC on January 20.

The much-awaited - 🌶 JOIN the WHITELIST!🌶

📌Date & Time: soon
💎Number of NFT Offices as a Real Estate & Prices: soon

Watch promo video 👉


  1. You need $WORLD token (BEP-20) to purchase NFT
    Official contract address 0x31ffbe9bf84b4d9d02cd40eccab4af1e2877bbc6
    👉Buy $WORLD with BNB
  2. Make order at the time of the event on the World Marketplace



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