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Salsa Valley
3 min readNov 18, 2021

Friends, we keep updating you on the latest project news in the new Salsa Valley Digest #3

Who missed the previous news, read our digests #1 and #2

The end of September and the whole month of October was very eventful.

In September we had a big Salsa Valley Meme Contest on Twitter, dedicated to the #MexicanIndependenceDay on 09/16.
More than 30 meme-fans and creators participated in the contest and submitted over the 50 Salsa Valley-themed memes. At the end of the contest, 3 winners received valuable unique NFTs (including a plot of land from a future Salsa Valley NFT Game) and the remaining participants received incentive NFT prizes.

We’re getting more and more into the top GameFi projects picks:
Coin98 tweet, BscProject tweet, Babylons tweet.

In October we participated in the BSC GameFi Hackathon organized by Binance Smart Chain and DoraHacks. The official announcement is on
63 GameFi projects took part in the contest, which was scored by the well-known judges, professionals and blockchain industry leaders: Binance Smart Chain, Animoca Brands, 1inch Network, Bitscale Capital, Mercuryo, Tiger.Trade, Infinity Ventures Crypto and Mission Street Ventures.

The competition participants were scored on the following criteria:
● Uniqueness of the idea
● Size of potential audience
● Play2Earn (P2E) potential
● Diversity of P2E mechanics
● Game design
● Low competition, no “same” games

And according to the judges’ scores, we took the 4th place out of 63 projects. (Judges' scores and the Leaderboard)

If you haven’t seen our NFT Metaverse Demo Live presentation with DoraHacks team, check it out 👉 here

High recognition of our project will help us to build powerful partnerships and attract TOP GameDevs to our team.

Salsa Valley NFT Game official website

We keep developing our Salsa Valley boardgame a completely self-contained unique and fun Cryptoworld game based on the "Salsa Valley Stories" cartoon series, that is an addition game to the Salsa Valley Metaverse. A prototype of the game has already been created and is being tested by players from the different boardgame clubs.

The first boxes of the game will be donated by our Influencers and partners — featured in the animated series, such as: Chanpeng Zhao, Elon Musk, Dora Factory, Coins98, JGN, Babylons, Treasureland, the first owners of our Real Estate NFTs and others.

Soon we’ll hold a lottery among our community where we’ll be giving away a few boxes of the game to Salsa Valley fans.

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Salsa Valley

Salsa Valley is an entire ecosystem based on the «Salsa Valley Stories» (funny meme cartoon series about cryptoworld).